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Real Solutions to Family and Business Disputes through Mediation

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We’re at a place and time in our culture where family and business conflicts are on the rise.

You may find it so hard to get along in your family or business relationships that it seems hopeless, like your conflicts have no end in sight.

But I have good news: Solving your problems isn’t impossible.

You see, there are peaceful, productive ways to resolve conflict that don’t have to involve lengthy court battles, crushing legal expenses, strained relationships and immeasurable emotional distress.

I’m Leticia Smith—mediator and legal analyst. I’m here to help you go from frustrating and disruptive disputes to fair and satisfying conflict resolution.

What is Mediation and How Does it Work?

Mediation is a dispute resolution process that serves as an alternative to in-court litigation. A mediator is a neutral party who does not represent either side in the dispute.


In mediation, people having a dispute come together to talk about their issues and work to reach an agreement on how to resolve those issues in a way that feels fair to both sides.


A mediator facilitates and guides the conversation and helps control heated emotions to keep the discussion focused and moving in a productive direction.


The goal is to reach an agreement—or settlement—by the end of the session. Mediation agreements may be documented in a Points of Agreement report, legally binding contract, or Court Order drafted by the mediator and signed by all involved parties.

What kIND OF dISPUTES cAN Mediation rESOLVE?

At LS Legal and Mediation Solutions, I conduct private and court-ordered mediation in the following areas:


  • Family Law, including:

    • Financial/property distribution

    • Child support

    • Child custody/visitation

    • Eldercare decisions


  • Separation/divorce/alimony


  • Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements


  • Workplace and Employment Disputes


  • Contract Disputes


  • Business Partnership Disputes


  • Real Estate and Property Disputes


If you don’t see the service you need on this list, please get in touch. Upon request, I can handle mediations in other areas or make a referral to another mediator who can serve you.



Thank you for visiting my site. I understand how complex the dispute resolution process can be, and I want to support you every step of the way. Simply complete the form below and I’ll get back to you by the next business day.

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Call Me: (240) 355-5544

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Write to Me: 6710 Laurel Bowie Rd. #577, Bowie, Maryland 20715


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