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About Leticia

Making Dispute Resolution and Conflict Prevention a Win-Win
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Leticia C. Smith, J.D.

Mediator & Legal Analyst

Known as a creative and thoughtful problem solver, Leticia C. Smith is a skilled mediator and insightful legal analyst.


Her mantra, “Empowering You to Choose Your Course,” drives Leticia’s strategic approach to mediated dispute resolution as an alternative to lengthy and costly in-court litigation.


As founder of LS Legal and Mediation Solutions, Leticia serves her clients as a leading provider of professional mediation services.


Leticia serves the Maryland and District of Columbia area as a certified mediator, where she provides court-ordered and private mediation in disputes arising from matters of family law, workplace and employment, contracts, and business partnerships. She offers flexible service options, including online sessions for private and international clients.

A licensed Realtor, Leticia also has unique expertise in mediating disputes in real estate and property matters.


Leticia passionately serves her local church and community service organizations. She has served on her church’s Legal Ministry, and she also serves on the board of TREBOR Alzheimer's and Senior Support Center, a charitable organization in Prince George's County.


Leticia earned degrees in Political Science from The College of William and Mary, Public Affairs & Policy from American University, and a Juris Doctor from Thomas M. Cooley Law School.


By creating personalized paths to collaboration, Leticia successfully guides negotiations that support families and businesses in need of mutually acceptable settlements and agreements.


When you choose Leticia as your mediator, you’ll get:


  • An affordable alternative to costly and lengthy in-court litigation


  • A well-rounded and knowledgeable professional who understands legal issues and the court system


  • An honest, straightforward and sincere guide who values your concerns and puts your needs and desires first


  • Clear direction on how mediation works and the steps you need to take to go through the process


  • A feeling of satisfaction, knowing your voice has been heard, and you've reached a peaceful resolution to your conflict that satisfies everyone involved and gives you the relief you need so you can move forward in your life


You don’t have to waste time and money spinning your wheels, trying to navigate the court system.

With mediation, you’ll collaborate with an expert who can help reduce the time you’ll spend in court.


And in some cases, mediation can help you end the litigation process or stop it before it starts so that you—not the court system—can control the outcome.


If you’re ready to work with a mediator who will put your needs first and help you discover the best resolution to your dispute, get in touch today so Leticia can take you by the hand and show you the way forward.

Couple in Mediation
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